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Signature Service

We approach private aircraft bed-making like a high-end tailor. Bespoke measurements, customization, luxurious, upscale materials and an unparalleled customer experience all come standard. 

Both Turnkey & Hands-On Service end with the same result:
JetPedic offers a customized, 100% American made luxury mattress designed specifically to fit your aircraft seats. Indulge your onboard flight experience and ensure that you and your passengers get the most comfortable sleep ever!

Aircraft can vary according to make, model and year. No two seats are the same. Even if you’ve purchased a JetPedic bed in the past, it is important to measure your aircraft seats and offer each customer the opportunity to try each model out with our sample beds.

JetPedic offers two options to measure your aircraft: with our Turnkey Service, a member of our team will fly out and take your jet seat measurements in person and assist you with all aspects of your bedding needs. Our Hands-On Service allows you or your aircraft maintenance crew to take control of measuring your aircraft cabin’s dimensions and seat specifications while following one of our easy-to-use templates.

Those measurements, along with photographs of the seats and area interior, ensure that you get the JetPedic custom bed and bedding (if ordered) made to your exact specifications.

Turnkey Service Hands-On Service

“The customer service I received was exceptional and their expertise led me to the right choice... I couldn't be happier with the selection I made! I have been sleeping like a baby since it was delivered, and know that this quality bed will surely last. I can't thank them enough for all of their time and patience in helping me make the right choice.”

Maria V. - California

Turnkey Service

All JetPedic orders start with an easy-to-use paper pattern to measure your aircraft. Our in-house representatives can fly out to your aircraft anywhere in the U.S. and assist you with choosing the best mattress model, options and bedding for you and your clients’ needs. Measurements are taken by hand and then made into patterns so JetPedic can guarantee a proper, custom fit.

Please allow 3 weeks’ lead time from confirmed order.

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 Hands On

Customized comfort onboard is easier than you might think. As part of JetPedic’s signature customer service, we provide simple, easy-to-follow measurement instructions for your specific bed order. You can make your own pattern and ensure an accurate fit. We will then ship your JetPedic mattress directly to your preferred destination.

Simply select the mattress type and options you need and click below to open the step-by-step .pdf directions. These instructions are available as PDFs that can be downloaded here and printed from your computer or sent to you as an email attachment.

Club Seat Mattress Measurement Instructions
Conference Mattress Measurement Instructions